Microsonde LEEL



The nuclear microprobe at LEEL allows performing IBA at the micrometric level. Microbeams are produced by focusing light energetic ion beams (p, d, 3He+, 4He+) up to 3.5 MeV produced by a single ended Van de Graaff accelerator.
Usual μIBA techniques are available for material investigations, namely RBS/EBS, NRA, ERDA, PIGE and PIXE, as well as ERCS, a particularly suitable technique for hydrogen analysis at the full lateral resolution.
Chemical imaging is produced by scanning the microbeam on sample surfaces (size adjustable up to 2×2 mm2). Data files are recorded in list mode allowing a full replay after the experiment.
Operando analysis of electrochemical devices is possible thanks to a devoted cell.

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Hicham Khodja