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How to submit a proposal

You can submit a proposal during the opening of the annual call (usually mid October – mid November).
For IBA experiments, there is also the possibility to submit pump-priming proposals: please contact the platform directly (see the specific procedure in your User’s space).

All the eligibility conditions, recommendations for writing proposals as well as the scoring method used by the reviewers are available here (soon).

Submission procedure

Contact the platform to discuss the feasibility and the originality of the experiment, the advisability or not of using the specific equipment integrated in the EMIR&A network, the number of days of experience to devote to it (the number of days per project is usually limited to 5 days)

Create an account or log in (see the EMIR&A User Space on top right) to complete the online form to be reviewed.


After the experiment has been carried out, and whatever the outcome, please submit back online a brief report on its progress, a summary of the results obtained and any difficulties encountered. Please note that no new project from an applicant who has not provided a report will be accepted.


For any publication or presentation related to experiments carried out via EMIR&A, it is requested to add the acknowledgment “The authors acknowledge support from the EMIR&A French network (FR CNRS 3618) on the platform XXX” where “XXX” is the platform used.

Help the EMIR&A community and apply as a reviewer! Create your account (user space top right) and click on « apply as a reviewer »
General advices for reviewers are available here, and technical help with the web site access during the review process is given in this pdf document.

Help to submit – download files

  • Help for proposal submission is available in this PDF document. If you have a request concerning your proposal, please contact us
  • If you need any technical help with the web site during submission, please send a message to the webmaster
  • General advices for reviewers are available here
  • Technical help with the web site access during the review process is given in this pdf document.

Specific cases when you have to edit, add or delete a participant, a beam setting etc… Help Document for editing