EMIR&A, French network of accelerators for irradiation and analysis of molecules and materials

EMIR&A is a network of facilities providing the scientific community with a set of advanced accelerators and in situ instruments with unique performances, dedicated to irradiation and analysis of molecules and materials.

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EMIR&A facilities

The EMIR&A facilities are complementary to one another, regarding the accelerated particles, the available energies and the available instrumentation. They are distributed on 6 sites.


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PhD student position in Cultural Heritage Science at the University of Namur

The research project (entitled PHOENIX) that the PhD candidate is going to pursue will be funded by the Concerted Research Action program of the University of Namur. PHOENIX is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary project in the field of Cultural Heritage Sciences, which brings together PIs of the Namur Institute of Structured Matter (NISM), the Namur Institute for Complex Systems (naXys) and the Institute Heritages, transmissions & inheritances institute (PaTHs).


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Permanent research position open for the CIRIL platform

Permanent research position open for the CIRIL platform and the MADIR group of CIMAP (
The deadline for applications is June 1st, 2024.
Please forward this announcement to anyone who may be interested, and do not hesitate to contact anyone form the group for further details or questions.



Ingénieur-Chercheur irradiation et caractérisation JANNuS

Le poste à pourvoir est localisé au sein du Département de Recherche sur les Matériaux et la Physico-chimie (DRMP), créé au 01/01/23, qui est chargé de la compréhension des processus physico-chimiques, du développement des connaissances en science et génie des matériaux, et notamment des mécanismes couplés intervenant dans les lois de comportement des matériaux. Le DRMP a pour objectif de valoriser ces connaissances (ex modélisation du comportement en milieux extrêmes) pour répondre aux besoins des partenaires industriels dans le domaine des énergies bas carbone, notamment nucléaire.



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Research Infrastructure

EMIR&A is also a Research Infrastructure, listed in the Roadmap 2021-2025 of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research, and Innovation

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What to do with EMIR&A ?

Study of Irradiation and radiolysis effects in solids, in situ physical and chemical characterizations of materials, including ion beam analysis

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EMIR&A: a structure with international implications

EMIR&A is composed of 15 accelerators, distributed over 11 platforms located on 6 sites. Over the 2017-2020 period, EMIR&A users come on average for 2/3 from French laboratories and for 1/3 from foreign laboratories.